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Thread: Thanks Bazil

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    Thanks Bazil

    I've not been on here for a while but thought it only right to log on and thank another member Baz (Bazil) for another great weekend. I first met Baz a few years ago, first SD show at Kelso and we've been good friends since.
    Baz got me my first muntjac a few years ago and I've been to his place a couple of times since.
    last weekend I arrived at his house Late Friday afternoon and was made welcome as ever. After an excellent meal cooked by Alli we went out goose fighting. Baz was worried they wouldn't show, but they were there yesterday so a good chance.
    just as dusk was falling I spotted 2 dogs making their way up the hedge line towards us just as the geese approached like a squadron of WW II bombers. Baz stepped forward identified the dogs and owner as the land owner who reached our spot at the same time as the geese.
    Up went the guns and I brought down 2 geese. There were dogs all over the place as Baz had his two as well.
    Saturday morning saw us out about 0530 hours, a quick stalk into a nice raised doe box where within 5 minutes along came a Fallow doe and her 2 followers, nice to see.
    Minutes later out popped a munty doe small and skinny so I left it. We watched as it made its way through the undergrowth, a branch moving here and there. Then while watching that out popped a very nice munty Buck. No hesitation at 30 yards with a 150 grain .308 it fell on the spot. 2 minutes later the doe appeared on the ride in front of us. Baz said "it's a youngster take it" so at 50 yards down it went. Now sat there amazed a brace of geese and now a brace of munty. Fantastic. As we discussed going to retrieve them out popped what we both at first thought was a roe Buck but no it was a monster of a munty. About 140 yards and down that went as well.
    Back for a great cooked breakfast and a bit of fly swatting as the deer were hung.
    Saturday evening and the geese didn't show and Sunday morning no deer were seen but that didn't matter, the walk was beautiful in good company and I'm not sure I would have wanted to shoot anything else to be honest.
    Baz has some great shooting ground and between him and his wife Alli their hospitality is top notch.
    Thanks very much for a great time
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    A brilliant weekend by the sound of it!
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Brilliant, that's what the site is all about, making firm friends and helping each other. Well done both of you.
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    Nicely done martin,and well done bazil,regards doug,

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