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Thread: Hobby making a comeback?

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    Hobby making a comeback?

    Seeing more & more Hobby's recently, last one at Greenfield a week ago, yesterday's whilst setting up for foxing in Oswestry, anyone else seeing more of them?.
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    There`s always a couple of pair`s that nest local to me. Enjoyable to see then catching Dragon files and other larger insects in flight.

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    There's been a couple of pairs on our shoot for a few years, saw two tonight.

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    Often see a visiting pair over the Dorset heathland. Ideal terrain with plenty of damsel and dragonflys for them. Will soon be leaving us for warmer climes though now!

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    Regularly see them over the marsh here
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    Was decoying last year on a large stubble field near 3 ponds and there was a pair flying around there all day. Great birds

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    I've been seeing hobby's pretty frequently the last couple of years in South Cambridgeshire. Also this year appears to be a good year for dragon flies too. Great little falcons to watch.

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    Beautiful to watch along the banks of the upper ouse not far from where i live (as are the kingfishers), but my favourites in flight has to be the Merlin skimming the heather or a peregrine in a flat out dive.

    Good post. It definitely ain't all about the shooting.
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