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    3 ferrets available free to a working home.
    Traditional albino ferrets.
    1 jill. 2 years old. Had one full working season
    2 Hobs.....both entire. One is 2 year old and again was worked last season. The other is a kit from this year from the jill and hob.
    Located in Suffolk

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    Wish you were a bit closer because I would have taken them all, thought I had found some up here but when I spoke to the chap he said wouldn't let them go for less than 25 each, they were all kits as well.

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    No worries.
    Let me know if you change your mind and fancy the drive down. Would love them to go to a working home.
    I have a 2 tier hutch that I would happily donate to the new owner.

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    I wish it was closer too, my grandsons has just bit the bullet,

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    Still looking for a home for these guys
    Got a couple of hutches and ferret boxes that can go with them if needed

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    can you pm me your phone number i know some one who is after only in cambridge so prob not that far away

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    Cheers sent

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