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Thread: fallow buck weight

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    fallow buck weight

    whats the weight of your heaviest fallow you've had in the chiller?? Head,legs,guts removed?

    Honest answers please. Otherwise it will just turn into a slanging match.

    Thanks Andrew

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    49kg IIRC

    (in Western Cape, South Africa)
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    I shot a Fallow Buck on 23rd Aug several years ago that was as fat as a barrel and weighed 80kg exactly head and legs off (176lbs).
    A nice Menil in full velvet.
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    84.5kgs. Shot by a mate of ours MS (MW) in Hampshire whilst I was with him in the middle of August. Fat as butter common and also in full velvet. If I had been a bit more experienced and therefore a bit quicker on the trigger it would have been me who shot it!

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    Thats some good weight, my heaviest was 77.6 kg / 171lb last year, that was bloody big enough, Im just interested to see what sort of weights are being taken around the uk, or abroad

    thanks guys
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    202 lb Lincolnshire and 208 lbs both weights on the Hook ready for Collection by game dealer.

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    Being ancient and still working in old money 174lbs from Warwickshire. An old buck late August.
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    165lb was my heaviest weighed.

    I had one other bigger that took two of us to lift off of the hook after it was skinned!! Sadly I couldn't get him onto the scales without him touching the floor.

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    198lb , sept 2014 East Sussex ..which beat my previous best by 4lb again from East Sussex ..both had poor heads but we're in superb condition ..

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