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Thread: Which High Seat?

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    Which High Seat?

    An oldie but a goodie.

    Looking for a quality high seat, lean-too design, good weight capacity, break down or fold to fit a Hilux

    Previous Threads suggest PD High Seats or Cabellas

    What are your experiences / recommendations especially Cabella's ?

    Southampton - if there are any manufacturers / metal workers that can be recommended


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    Have a Look at A1 Decoy. Their double highest has locking pins for the ladder section and as such can be broken down. Very good build quality and excellent if you want to take a novice/partner with you. I picked a new one up on the e b a y for 160 inc postage. It is 4.8m to the rail which is so much better than the fish m one. There highest will take 225kg!


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    If you want Galvanized inside and out for longevity go for a PD Highseat.

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    The best designed and best made high seats I have found are PD highseats. Not only do they have an adjustable shooting rail, but they are also fully galvanised.

    I have used Reeves and many other makes and nothing even comes close to being as well thought out or as portable. But Mr Davies will also custom make seats to your own specifications if you so wish. He also produces a fully galvanised highseat at a price point which I have yet to find that anyone can beat.


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