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Thread: Out of no-where - history of sniping

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    Out of no-where - history of sniping

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    Excellent - thanks for posting.

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    Oh great. Thanks a lot. I have a pile of study to do and you give us that!!!

    Better study fast.....
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Thanks, just ordered the book on ebay - only £4

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    Quote Originally Posted by takbok View Post
    Thanks, just ordered the book on ebay - only £4
    Ha, it was YOU that pushed Buy It Now as I was trying to!!! Had to log out and back in to buy the next one at £4.39
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    Quote Originally Posted by I. Farticus View Post
    Ha, it was YOU that pushed Buy It Now as I was trying to!!! Had to log out and back in to buy the next one at £4.39
    Hilarious, must have been pretty close! £4.01

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    I read some of it last night as an iBook on my phone. What struck me was just how far marksman where shooting with deadly certainty even at the time of American War of independence. The american frontiersmen were making regular first shot kills at over 300 yards with the muzzle loading Kentucky Rifles. Indeed there is an account of German and Swiss shooting matches and I quote:

    "The shooters used smoothbore matchlock muskets, eachman being required to fire 24 shots at three hanging targets, and it wasspecifically stated that longarms with rifled barrels were not permitted,as they were considered to hold an unfair advantage. Ranges varied from200 to 300 paces (about 175-200 yards, 157-180 metres) and targetsizes were between 28 and 40 inches (70-100 cm). Some idea of thestandard of shooting that was achieved can be gauged from the fact thatin 1584 it was recorded that, out of 133 shooters, each firing 24 shots,some 40 scored between 20 and 24 hits. With smoothbore muskets thiswas indeed an impressive feat."

    In WW1 and WW2 the only real imrovements where telescopic sights, although the Germans had had these since the mid to late 1900s - sniper were regularly shooting to well over 600yds with 2 or 3x scopes with narrow fields of view.

    They must have all had much better eyesight than SD members as we all seem to need a minimum of a 4-12x56 Scope to shoot deer (about the same size as an infrantryman) at well under 200 yds.

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    Heym SR20
    It looks like an interesting book for sure but wouldnt this be copyright protected? I wouldnt post this on an open forum best to cover yourself. Just my first thought.

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    Well it's already loaded up on the web

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    Got it on kindle for the long flight home. Thanks.

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