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Thread: Bushwear service

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    Bushwear service

    A few years back I purchased a bone saw with an 18" blade from Bushwear. I contacted them last week and ordered a couple of new blades ready for the winter season. I hadn't realised that they were only 16" blades until they arrived.

    I contacted the company and told them of the problem (mine for not checking the blade length) and they instantly told me not to worry as they would send me out a new saw for the blades free of charge.

    I did not tell them that I was one of the owners of this site, just in case some smart arse makes a comment on here. Needless to say I think it warrants bringing to the attention of the site members of how Bushwear handle customer relations.

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    `just in case some smart arse makes a comment on here`
    As if they would!
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    I use Bushwear in Perth quite a lot, and can only speak highly of them
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    I've had very friendly service in the Stirling branch.

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    Have always been more than happy as well - good job

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    Nothing but praise for Bushwear! I can order and get delivery next day one end of the country to the other... I have in the past used a company one county away and they take months!!!

    Bushwear - fantastic...
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    Has not been my experience.
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    Took a pair of meindl boots into them last year on the Monday because they were leaking and had a phone call on the Friday saying a brand new pair of boots were in the shop

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    Always a first class service . My wife bought a coat for me telling them it was my birthday present, they included a knife with a note Happy Birthday from the Bushwear team.Wf1

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    Always superb service ,ordered a Knife ,received the wrong 1,rang and explained the correct blade arrived the next day and was told to keep the "wrong" 1 FOC.Pleasure to speak to on the phone and very helpful
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