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Thread: Another buttercup buck

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    Another buttercup buck

    I went for an afternoon stalk yesterday in the sunshine to see if I could catch anything out. After seeing 5 does, 2 of which had twins at foot I was starting to lose hope.
    I then spotted a buck in a field of buttercups and the stalk was on. I had to negotiate a 5 bar gate and then creep a good 200 yards before I could get hidden behind a dry stone wall. It was very warm and I was sweating like a pig and my breathing was all over the place .The only shot available was off the top of the dry stone wall..... I waited til the buck turned broadside , steadied myself the best I could and released my 100 grn .243 , the buck dropped immediately to the shot . I was relieved :boogie: paced the buck out at 138 paces.
    I was them swarmed by an army of flies whilst I performed the gralloch
    The buck with his last supper .....

    Note he still had some winter pelage on his back and haunches and it was the 26th June.
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    Well done foxhunter, looks like a nice buck in good condition! Im sat here wishing i was out!!

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    nice animal mate and is that some winter coat i see still on the rear of this beast....
    well done mate
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    hi nice buck whereabouts in the north east were you
    atb tom

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    Excellent result Tom - glad to see you are still getting results!

    Lovely looking beast.



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