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Thread: Police Scotland & SACS Interview

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    Police Scotland & SACS Interview

    I'm playing catch up after holidays, so apologies if this has already been posted.

    An excellent pair of audio podcasts from the Pace Brothers in their 'Into The Wilderness' series (Episode 25 in 2 parts totalling some 3 hours!) with Police Scotland's Licensing Head CI Fraser Lamb, Sgt Andy Kirkwood of Policy & Strategy, plus Alex Stoddart of SACS.

    A wide ranging discussion of licensing and other issues including, the current licensing situation in Scotland (with some national aspects included), revocations, calibre restrictions, ammo restrictions, etc., etc. Very informative and the police were open and candid about their situation.

    Available from iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein Radio and other sources.

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    I have been listening to their podcasts and very impressed so far.
    A good interview with a guy called Ivan Carter about hunting in Africa and poaching.

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