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Thread: The stalkers great dilemma!!!!!!

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    The stalkers great dilemma!!!!!!

    Ok we have all been there, you are out stalking when a fox is on, do you shoot it and risk ruining your stalk or let it walk on by?.

    I was in this position this morning, I was stalking though the new plant towards a small hill that is in the middle of several thousand acres on spruce plantation, this is a good natural high seat and from it you can see the roe in the small trees allowing for a shot that you could not get when on the same level as them. Working towards it the dog went on point, OK we could be on here I thought, moving through the trees I spotted movement only 40 yards away, that’s no deer, it was a fox. As he moved though the trees I had time to give it some thought whether to shoot or not if the opportunity presented itself, sheep farming on 3 boundaries and the farmer is a good bloke, roe kids about this time of years as well went though my head. OK if I get the chance he gets it, he reached the hill I was heading for which has no planting on it, he stopped in the clear to look back, a quick free hand shot and he slumped down dead on the spot. A quick check of the range, 86 yards free hand, good enough for me. I sat the dog down and walked over to the fox. Yep shot placement was as good as the reaction indicated; looking over the other side of the hill f**k me a buck and a doe feeding just off the tree line, I didn’t expect that, I thought that I had ruined that stalk.

    I guess shooting foxes at least with a moderatored rifle does not spook the deer as much as you might think, the deer were 160 yards from where I shot and 80 yards from were the fox fell.


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    good question on what to take....
    personally i have left foxes on the basis that i am there for the deer. on other occasions i have been there for the foxes and left the deer.
    i shoot with a moderated rifle and will ponder on my choice next time.
    the only thing is that most of my seats are rides and don't have a hill as such to possibly hide the noise.
    At the end of the day what ever you think will happen there will always be one to contradict what you think

    atb f.

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    Tahr, if the rifle comes up, it comes up!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by centralbeltstalker View Post

    At the end of the day what ever you think will happen there will always be one to contradict what you think

    atb f.
    That comments is very true, I guess the important thing is if you do shoot a fox don’t assume all the deer will have legged it, the “hill” is only about 20/30 feet high.



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    Fox for me every time,i always think the deer will remain in the area for another day, but you might never get another chance at Charlie....


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    For me it is always fox first and if that ruined the stalk tough bt like said it normally dosnt .All my stalking is frre but only because i get rid of foxes.If it were just plantation and i was on it to protect trees then i might have a differnt opinion

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    I never shoot the foxes as they don't eat the trees I'm there to protect. Watched one a week last Saturday amble by with a vole hanging from it's chops. Spotted and shot two stags shortly afterwards which may have stayed put if I'd shot the fox but then again they may have ran off and I would have been full of hell!


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    On a couple of the farms that I stalk the main product is chicken, with small areas of mixed planting. My main concern is for the trees (foxes are usually lamped by others) but if a fox presents a safe shot I generally take it. On more than one occasion I've shot foxes and whilst walking up to check them I've spooked deer that have stopped for a look back after a short run. They always say that curiosity killed the cat, it accounts for a good number of roe as well!!
    I can understand why some wouldn't want to risk disturbing their stalking ground, possibly having travelled considerable distances to get there, but with sheep or chicken to protect, farmers like to see a fox or two knocked over.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nell View Post
    Fox for me every time,i always think the deer will remain in the area for another day, but you might never get another chance at Charlie....

    +1 here.

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    +1 here as well, if you shoot a fox for my keeper you'll get a free return even if you shoot a deer. As said deer are creatures of habit and foxes an opportunity on a game shoot not to be missed. I've shot a deer, quick field gralick stalked 100 yds and taken another deer. However we have gas guns going off all the time so deer not Bothered by bangs, but you lose the signature of the rifle when using a mod anyway. Depends whether you have game or sheep interests to contend with, if you have and the farmer/ keeper gets to hear you passed up a fox because you may not have got a deer if you shot it, you'll be looking for some more stalking I would think, roles reversed you livelihood against someones desires to shoot a deer, you'd be p****d off when you found carcases of lambs/pheasants deerwarden

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