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Thread: Lost roe Buck? Advice please

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    Lost roe Buck? Advice please

    Yesterday evening I shot at a roe Buck: good pretty steady aim from a semi prone supported position, range about 110 metres. It made a great leap, then instead of falling down, dropped its head a bit and ran 10-15 metres into a very, very thick plantation getting over a fence in the process. I searched and searched including with a little blood torch. I could find no blood or hair. But there was a thickish drizzle and everything was v wet. Miserable. I returned first thing with a dog, nit remained but a good nose. We could find nothing but it was v thick and almost impossible. This afternoon, still miserable, I checked zero...hoping it might have been out. It wasn't, though perhaps a 3/4 inch high. Two 3 round groups, both MPI less than an inch from the bull and grouping for each group was about 1 and a 1/4 inches. I zeroed at about 100 metres paced out. I have heard of this happening to others who must feel as dreadful as I do. I must have hit the beast and have been told that a low heart shot could do it. Any advice as I never want this to ever happen again?

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    Maybe worth getting in touch with one of the tracking teams on here for there help. Sounds like it could have been hit. Lack of blood or hair doesn't mean a miss. Where you aware of an impact thud?

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    Call uksha they'll give you expert advice!

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    Didn't hear a thud but I rarely do.....too long in the army, so hearing not a strongpoint!

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    Give us a ring - we can still help

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    Are you certain it made it over the fence?
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    I should contact one of the dog tracking groups. Reading your post it reads as though you hit it well, sometimes deer don't bleed until they have run on a few yards. Roe in my opinion are not that strong when wounded (unless it has a leg taken off) and it is more than likely not far away from where you shot it.

    Don't beat yourself up too much, deer don't always drop dead on the spot, in fact in many instances they run when struck. Sika being the worst for not showing when hit.
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    Thanks to all who've replied. It definitely crossed the fence; its stubble this side and it's not in that. But, you're right to ask. I know they're often found after hours of searching at your feet. I shall certainly contact uksha though not certain if they will have anyone this far north. I'm near Loch Fleet in Sutherland not far from Narnia...Having a nearby number is sensible and I probably should have done that before. Still, I'm learning and that's great - and in part from all the good advice on this forum. Thanks to all again.

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    It happens, and as been said it looks as if it was well hit. I have had bucks that were well shot run 100 yards leaving virtually no blood trail for the first 50 yards. Thick cover with really misty rain is very poor for sent. Are you certain you started tracking where you though it was standing. Edge of forestry plantations are pretty nondescript and you could easily be 30 or 40 yards out. I had one once that I didn't think I had hit, indeed I went up to where I though it was and no sign what so ever. It went into the crop and then ran down a tramline before going out of site. Doing the sensible thing I did follow the tramline, after 60 yds picked up the blood trail and then after about 100 - over the brow of the hill picked him up dead. When dragging it back round the edge of the field I found blood and hair about 30 yards beyond where I thought it was - I remembered it standing next to a large thistle - just not which large thistle.

    Roe deer are actually very small when dead and can easily get in under a bit of cover, or fall into a drainage gutter. In the course of our stalking careers we will always loose the odd beast. You have done the right thing in going back this morning and looking again, and also checking zero, and if there wasn't a nagging feeling you should give up stalking.

    If you didn't find any hair or blood you might have actually missed. Why? - bullet might have clipped a twig, bit of grass etc., might have damaged during loading, or might have been a slightly underloaded cartridge, or deer moved as the shot was fired. I suspect I would jump high if a bullet passed very close under my brisket.

    My only other observation is that in the evening with good modern optics its easy enough to take a shot at very last light, but last light is difficult to judge distance, and even more difficult to mark the exact spot a) where you took the shot from and b) where the beast was standing. Also if a deer runs its well worth waiting at least 15 to 20 minutes before following up. Let it die in peace quietly, or stiffen up. If it was wounded and you go straight in the can go out the other side of cover and keep going never to be recovered. If you are shooting at last light, the temptation is going and look for it immediately.
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    Many thanks heym sr20; all v good points. I did what you said, lay down in the same place, etc and then covered a bigger area after an initial search. I'm going to try again with two dogs anyway. They should soon find the smell as decay sets in. I'd rather hope the zeroing was out but as you rightly point out, the beast could have moved as I squeezed the trigger! We'll never know. There was certainly some wheat between me and it but I could see where I was aiming. I shall be doubly careful next time and that's a good thing. Thanks.

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