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Thread: Geese and Ducks North Yorkshire

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    Geese and Ducks North Yorkshire

    We have available again goose and duck flighting near Ripon in North Yorkshire.

    Goose flighting is 40 per person on an evening flight and we can accommodate a big team if needed.
    Its mainly Greylags with a few Canadas and some Pinks later in the season.

    The next date is Saturday 24th September.

    Morning decoying sessions for geese is 75 per person with ideally at least 2 guns shooting on the stubbles. We can go into October with the maize stubbles.

    Duck flighting is over fed ponds at 40 per person 3-4 guns and the ponds are rested for at least 2 weeks between shooting.

    Non Toxic shot must be used and we can supply steel which I use myself to good effect, just pre order it.

    Proof of insurance must also be carried.


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    I'd like to give a recommendation for cockerdog, I had an evenings flight with him last year and there were plenty of geese about, however on that day they wren't playing ball! Jamie did all he could to get people under the birds rather than just leaving everyone stuck in fruitless locations. I'll be booking again.

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    +1, loads of geese, flew right over me, but goose fever grips me like nothing on earth, I shake that much couldnt hit a barn door! lol! I love Goose shooting! hahahahaha

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    Any flights going at the moment Jaime

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