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Thread: Alt-berg boots do I polish from new

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    Alt-berg boots do I polish from new

    Hi all just bought some new alt-berg boots do I polish from new with the leder gris or wait till I have worn them a couple of weeks or they have been wet cheers Craig

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    I would give them a good coating even before using them for the first time.

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    Me too, and use a hairdryer carefully to melt the wax and drive it into the leather by your chosen method.

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    Emphasis on "carefully"! If you must, otherwise work it in with friction.

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    After every use before putting them away. best kept away from direct heat too such as next to a radiator. I've several pairs now, brilliant boots....Oh and definitely do NOT use a hairdryer LoL! That's not very kind on the leather. Ledergris will soak in to damp or scuffed leather very effectively by applying a generous coat, leaving overnight, then give a gentle buff next morning.

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    To clarify, hairdryer to warm the wax to melt it a little. (Other heat sources are available )

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    Cheers lads not much use for a hairdryer but I am sure are lass as one ��

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    LoL....Ledergris doesn't need melting. Its base makes it easy to apply even in colder weather. It's not like a stick of beeswax! (more like ordinary shoe polish in consistency).

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    I use the Ledergris and Ledergris Extreme on all my boots and leather footwear. Chiruca, Chevalier (old model) , .... very good product. I use it without heating.

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