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Thread: Spotlamp advice needed?

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    Spotlamp advice needed?

    Looking to buy a spot lamp and was looking at the nightmaster but several people have suggested the TR50 lamp? What's everyone's experiences? I need something scope mountable. Don't mind forking out for the nightmaster but it has to be significantly better to justify the price hike.


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    Any cheap T type led torch of eBay with different brightness settings and focus will be just as good as a night master if not better all for about 25 - 50

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    am usually wary of Premium products at high prices, but I have seen nothing yet as good as the Nightmaster series. For approx. half the money, CluLite does a pretty good job with their LED scope mounted torches such as the RedEye.
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    I use the T67s both of them,one in single battery mounted on the scope with green led and the double battery in white light for spotting.I find them very good, better the the tracer max pro which i used before. As i have never used the nightmasters i cannot comment on them but the T67s will do fine for me.Also i use the T20 range as well, one in green and one in red.For all the torches and batteries and chargers i use i dont think it cost me more than 90 euro.

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    I use the new Alpha hand held unit and a TR67 on the scope in a burris signature zee ring so that it stays aligned. Works great and not expensive all from Ludicrous lumens.

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    Been using the NM for a coule of years now, very good torches. It's a rip off buying one in the Uk though,if you know someone going to the states get them to buy you one

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    Cheers for the replies! I think I'll go for the TR for now and can aspire to a nightmaster at some point.

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    have a look at Ian sikastags Facebook page

    irlightbuilds, you will not find better IMO,

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobjs View Post
    have a look at Ian sikastags Facebook page

    irlightbuilds, you will not find better IMO,

    I agree. I'm a happy customer too. He tests them shining across big scottish valleys

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    Try the torch factory website

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