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Thread: Swarovski 6x42

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    Swarovski 6x42

    I'm looking for a Swarovski 6x42 in excellent condition, so if anyone is seeking to offload theirs, please pm to let me know.


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    Why don't you look at the S&B 6x42 Hungarian that is advertised on this site. I have had both Habicht and S &B in the past and there is very little between them, in fact my personal choice would be the Schmidt.

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    Likewise I have both, but narrowly prefer swarovski scopes.

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    There are 2 schmidt and bender 6x42 on ebay at the moment

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    Ihave a Zeiss 6x42 one inch tube with Optilok rings and flip up lense covers for 300 delivered to your door,I do not know the history of the scope as it was on a rifle I recently purchased.but the glass is excellant quality as you would expect from this quality scope.

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