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Thread: Flubenvet water mix

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    Flubenvet water mix

    Hi lads.

    Can any keepers give me a give me a mix for flubenvet in with water please?

    Many thanks

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    didnt know you could put it in water ? I can give you panacur water mix 5ml to gal of water for 3 days ie 50 ml /10 gal!on

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    Apparently so Norma. But very hard to get people to part with the dosage


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    I use to use it and did 0.5 mil to a litre
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    Hey cheers spud. That's great mate. I know it's generally mixed with pellet but seems a better way to make sure everything's dosed through the water.


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    Mix it thru the pellets mate,pig wormer does the same job

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    Set up a hand sprayer with 50/50 water and panacure etc, pour pellets slowly through spray into bucket,sticks to pellets,feed,voila!!
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    Yep, pellets are generally a better way. If there's plenty of rain or other water around you can't guarantee the medicated water will get to them all.

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