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    I would expect to read posts within the next few days from members of SD, subject to their location, the first roaring to be heard by them. It would be nice to hear from all those who are in a position to note and report their first roar that they hear. I recall reading that this is usually around the September 20th though I would gather it is very much dependant on location and weather. My earliest roar I have heard on Deeside has been more towards the end of the month. Let's see who records and posts their first roar?

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    Roaring in central Scotland since the 12th September. Large number of reds now establishing ground and starting to rut


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    North Devon heard a stag roaring about a week ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortshot View Post
    North Devon heard a stag roaring about a week ago.
    That was one of my bullocks.

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    I'm in Germany at the moment, the stags have been roaring for a week or so but nothing like last year as there seems to be hardly any movement. I'm wondering if the lack of stags on our permission coincides with the full moon and clear sky's (too bright for the secretive animals). They say the peak of the rut is around the 22nd here!

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    I was out this evening in south Norfolk one stag followed 15 hinds and calfs out across a meadow I was watching. All in silence not a single roar. Will be out again at the weekend will see if they have started by then.

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    Was put on the hills overlooking Rannoch Moor on Saturday and the stags were roaring in good form.

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    Anything happening in Perthshire yet? Meant to be heading up next week to try for a stag. Never experienced the thrill of stags roaring so can't wait!

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    Central Perthshire today, they were starting to wake up a bit. The one I shot was in good condition with the belly just starting to darken. Lower ground ones were roaring about 10 days ago, but seem to have gone quiet with the milder spell of weather

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    Roaring in Macclesfield. Started on the 18th I think?? Few good sized beasts up here!

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