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Thread: .243 Win Dies - Mine have disappeared somehow!

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    .243 Win Dies - Mine have disappeared somehow!

    I don't believe it!
    Just loaded up a batch of .243 from prepped cases and can I find my .243 dies anywhere ?
    Can I *&$%$
    Can't think that I lent them to anyone
    Blaming the recent house move!
    Surely someone has a set of such a universally unpopular calibre!
    Need a set as soon as possible if anybody has a set to sell please

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    Lee collett die, seater die and crimpting die

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    Hi I've got redding competition seating die and a full length die if that's any good

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    Good afternoon Ed I have a Lee set full sizing and bullet seating die you can have for nothing , I can get them to Paul to give to John to pass to you if you want them atb jim
    Phone-0800 689 0857
    Discretion assured, please look on our web page:
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