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Thread: Burris Eliminator 3

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    Burris Eliminator 3

    For sale is this range finding scope that will also show you where to aim after you have worked out your ballistic work.
    This scope came on a rifle I purchased so I have no box or paperwork for it. All I know is it works for the rifle and ammunition I have.
    This scope will take out all of the guess work when used correctly.
    Grab a bargain!
    800 can be viewed/ picked up from Kent or sent recorded delivery

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    Do you know how old the scope is?

    is there any damage marks etc on the scope?

    i am going to the states and was thinking about getting one.

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    I'm just wondering the magnification as well please?

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    The mag is 4-16x50 and the scope is in good condition but the guy has written on the label on top of the scope what bullets he used. This sticker will peel off and will not affect how the scope works. If you want any pictures please message me with your email address or mobile number

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    Interested, but would like to see pics. SD says your PM is full.

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    Ice rider I have cleared mail box. Message me again

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    650. Grab a bargain

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    Is the scope still for sale?

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    Is this still available? If so what is the price?



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