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Thread: 17hmr v wmr

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    17hmr v wmr

    Can anybody tell me if there is much difference in trajectory between these two calibres ,if so what would be the difference.Plus are there ammo issues with the wmr the same as hmr.
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    This entire subject was covered a month or two back.~Muir

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    Not as flat as HMR but point and shoot for a rabbit's head from 25 - 115 yards with 35 gr v-max; no issues with ammo as in HMR arises from the necking down process, WMR is straight walled; ammo choice from 25, 30, 33, 40 & 50 gr; ammo choice from polymer tip, hollow point, soft point, FMJ; and the best bit you can own them in a semi auto.

    Guess which I prefer??

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    Does the wmr have a louder crack than hmr

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    +2 for Boydy47. WMR is ace on rabbits out to 150yds and better on a fox that just appears when you weren't expecting it. Much less wind affected, but the downside would be more ricochet-prone compared with .17HMR's frangible bullets. Both as noisy as a .223....

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    Seen a nice used hmr for sale ,but debating wether to go for wmr .Cant make my mind up.

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    I think purely on the issues I've heard regarding ammo with .17hmr alone ...I would avoid and go either .22wmr Or a .22 hornet


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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby18 View Post
    Seen a nice used hmr for sale ,but debating wether to go for wmr .Cant make my mind up.
    HMR all the way home and i have both

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    Past issues with HMR ammo appear to have been rectified anyway. Try the Advanced Search Bobby.

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