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Thread: Crimping

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    Red face Crimping

    Hi All,
    After reading all I can find on the subject , including an excellent explanation of the advantages of crimping and the effects on SD and ES by Muir .l've decided to purchase a Lee crimping die.
    I can find basic set up imfo but nothing more than that .
    I'm sure there are those on the forum with a wealth of experience using one of these , is it as simple as ? I'm using non cannelured bullets .
    All advice welcome and apologies if it's already been covered.
    Regards and TA in advance.

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    Interested in this as I too have done just as you have.....
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    The instructions are clear and easy to follow. There is also a very good demonstration video on Utube.
    You can easily adjust the amount of crimp applied, the most being when the jaws have fully closed.
    Best results are when all your cases are trimmed to the same length.
    Muir 'converted' me to using the Lee Factory Crimp Die and I have been very pleased with the difference it makes.
    Crimping bullets without a 'crimping groove' is not an issue.
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    An excellent addition & likely to improve consistency of neck tension aiding more consistent MV's & closer ES.
    Best starting off with a gentle crimp to see how it works for your cartridges/rifle & progress as necessary.
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    I have been watching these vids for weeks,,,set it and forget it,,,,preferably with allen key locking rings, thats why i said on another thread about quick change (conversion bushes ),so once they are set i have no need to change them,next on my list!

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    If you don't want to use locking rings (the kind with the set screw) you can get very good repeat set-ups by using a small set of feeler gauges ti measure the gap left between the crimp collet fingers. Alternatively, you can use a small tapered pin set into the gap and marked at the location where it stops. If you have some cash to spend and want to really get technical, you can order one of the tools people are making that attach to your press handle and measure the amount of pressure required to crimp. (Google it) ~Muir

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    you lost me at cash,
    Are you sure that you're not from Yorkshire ?
    I've already got the collars , all fairly easy stuff. Thankyou all .
    Are there any caveats to be aware of?

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    Yes but they,re all down south ,oh sorry i thought you said cravats,,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    Yes but they,re all down south ,oh sorry i thought you said cravats,,,,

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