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Thread: Advice fro Avon & Somerset Members Please

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    Advice fro Avon & Somerset Members Please

    Has any forum member from the Avon & Somerset area ever taken their rifles to hunt in South Africa? If so do you have the "To and from port of embarkation" condition? If not, how did you get round the SAPS requirement of permission to reimport to UK?


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    As far as SAPS is concerned your UK FAC is your permission to take the gun into and out of the UK. All they will look at is the calibre and serial number on your FAC. If that matches the rifle presented to them then they let it in. They are not interested in any restrictions/problems/issues you may have back here.

    I had my FAC reprinted by Lincs and they transposed two digits on my 9.3 x 62. Only picked it up checking in at Manchester. Didn't have blank SAPS 520 form with me, only my filled in one.

    At Jo'burg I explained all to SAPS and as I had taken the rifle in before (and it was already on their system) they didn't bother about it. Invariably now I find myself in the SAPS office, processed and waiting for my guns to get there from the plane. Quick check of serial numbers, sign the register and they hand over my temp. permit.

    Usually managing 50 minutes from wheels touching down to driving out the car park.

    Remember what I said earlier, NO ammo in your suitcase.



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    Thank you Stan for your information. I have never had any problem, either at Jo'burg or Cape Town, on regular once or twice yearly visits since 2005, when I started taking my own rifles. However, up until 2008 I used to have a letter explaining just what you state regarding a U.K. FAC proving ownership, permission to export and permission to reimport, in words of one sylable, from the Firearms Licencing Department. At that time, it was the experience of an acquaintance arriving at Jo'burg and not having such a letter, that he was held up, under the threat of his rifles being confiscated, for a couple of days until he could arrange for one of his friends to get a letter from his Firearms Licensing Department faxed over to the police at Jo'burg Airport. Since that day, I have always had the letter or condition with me and have advised all of my clients to do the same. Looking at the SAPS website "Supporting documentation required for issue of a temporary permit", it is not clear to me, (simple soul that I am), that such a document is definitely not required. If you have more up to date documented information than I am working with Stan, I would really appreciate being able to see an official copy. Thanks for your help.
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    Not known anyone have problems with a UK FAC. Even PHASA say all they want is a copy of your FAC, Passport and letter of invitation for them to get your Temp Permit in advance (for a fee).


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    Here's PHASA's offering.

    Save $140 and do it yourself. If you're already in "the system" then it's easy for the officer on duty as he doesn't have to make a decision, previously been done so his ass is covered

    Now, you can always get a cop on a bad day. The detail at JNB isn't a regular assignment. I just love the fact that they post a hotline phone number on the wall for you to report bribery requests


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    Thanks once more Stan. I had seen the info on the PHSA website and like you, have not deemed it necessary to get another to obtain the temporary permit for me. I'd rather spend the money on another beast or part thereof, anyway, the process is not difficult as long as the paperwork is right. I could imagine that a body set up to obtain lots of permits, like PHSA, would have the system sussed and know the fastrack. However, I cannot forget the guy who was held up as described in my second post and on the SAPS website it is not spelled out as clearly as I would like it. A "gift" was not the object of the obstacle of the lack of letter. I too have noticed the "Hot Line" notice. The only request "I am thirsty, will you give me money for a Coke" came from the airline security man. I advised him that Coke was bad for his teeth. Latterly, I have been arriving at Cape Town, where it has been my experience that 15 to 20 minutes will be all it takes to get a permit, but Jo'burg is no problem either, now they have the dedicated office. Before that it was a bit longer to get a permit.

    SAPS Website says this is required:

    "A written authorization which permits export from country of origin. (If not supplied by country of origin - written confirmation is required)." A UK FAC might well be such, but there again, maybe not. Open to individual interpretation.

    " With regard to in-transit and export permits an import permit from the recipient country. (If not supplied by country- writes confirmation is required)"

    As I read it, a temporary permit is not "in transit" but who knows how it might be interpreted by an individual SAPS person. Just look how our own Home Office Guidance is interpreted by our own police!

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    The SAPS 520 hasn't changed in a long time. It covers every option for temporary movement of firearms. It covers them being freighted to SA and not just brought in luggage. It covers transit through SA, multiple entry/exit on a trip etc. You need to show that you can get your rifle into destination country.

    PHASA state that UK and German tickets as well as European Permit are suitable for proof of ownership. SAPS do not define what that document may be.

    By all means get every piece of paper under the sun before you go but you can still be held up if the plod on duty is having a bad day.


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    Hi Stan,

    You are correct in saying that the SAPS 520 is the form for differing import scenarios. It becomes specific when it is filled out. You have the crux of the matter I think in saying whatever you may have documentation wise, your experience will be dictated by the issuing SAPS officer. Thank you for your input to my request for advice.

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