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Thread: muntjac ,on the mendips

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    muntjac ,on the mendips

    hi just a quick one ,i stalk chew valley ,ubley. compton martin .and have never seen a muntjac deer .are they about in numbers in this area .i no they are very elusive little creatures ,but i thought i would have seen one by now.
    thanks neill

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    They are there for sure, can't comment on numbers, but probably more than you realise.

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    Look for likely looking Muntjac motorways and check for very small slots,that should tell you if you have them on pieces of land or not.They always feel safer if there is plenty of cover or at least clumps of cover they can disappear into if need be,they are very good at not being seen.I have lots round here but you don't see them teeming all over the place.

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    a guy i know has a picture of one he shot above cheddar. a mate of mine lives near the lakes and says he has seen them in his back field

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    I have alternative frustration ,they,re there hear em ,see em cant touch em.Farmer has them out of bounds and some 1 else has the Roe permission so its pigeon/rabbit pie but no munty on a plate.They are so elusive put up some trail cams and see whats about youl be surprised atb
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    thanks guys will see one soon i suspect .have had trail cams up only ever capture roe deer. not that im complaining ,but would be nice to see one.
    atb neill

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    not seen any around Blagdon either, though Im sure there's the odd one around the Lake. seen them near Winford, Chew Magna and reports of them over Temple Cloud way too. With the habitat like it is around the Chew Valley, they are bound to be there just not in the numbers you get further east (yet!)

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