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Thread: working up some loads - Lapua Scenar & H4350/Varget

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    working up some loads - Lapua Scenar & H4350/Varget

    its a dull grey morning and so it's reloading time.....and i need some help please

    I've got a pile of Lapua Scenar 167g bullets and want to develop some loads for my .308win and .300WSM.
    The Lapua website only provides loads for Vihtavuori powders, however to keep things simple I want to use my regular powders, H4350 or Varget.

    there's an absence of good data online, but found a few hits on American forums for .308win plus Varget, starter load of 40g upto 42.5g max load.

    so does anyone have reliable reloading data for any of the above combinations or a strong opinion on the .308/Varget/42.5g load?

    help much appreciated

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    In the 7x57 and 7mm-08, all the 4350 powders are good. A full case of it under a 140 or 150-gr bullet will be accurate and fast.

    But in the .308, bore volume increases too fast for 4350. Varget, RL-15, BL-C2, 223 CFE, 4895, and 4064 are better powders, and totally proven. When you get around 42.5 gr, you should be at 2,600 fps in a 24-inch barrel, so all you need to do is adjust 0.2 gr here or there, play with COAL if you want, and primers.

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    Thanks for help, loaded some up but not tested on the range yet....rain has set in

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