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Thread: Ruger and Tikka 308

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    Having a sort out of my own personal rifles decided to move towards two rifles rather that a safe full which i dont use !

    Tikka 590 308 bought as a doner but to be honest too good to break up un threaded 400.00

    I would prefer face to face but could ship to your rfd at additional cost.
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    Hi twg1, what condition is the Tikka in? Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lfm View Post
    Hi twg1, what condition is the Tikka in? Thanks in advance.
    It's in quite good nick, as I said in the original post, I bought it to turn into a 6 br but when I got it home, I thought it too goo to pull apart and left it in the safe but now my 6.5 is done its not worth keeping it.

    I will try and get some pictures up later.


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    Pictures added


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    The 77 how do's it shoot mty

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    I only have put a couple of round through it to check it fired when I first got it and it hit the target then ! (coke can on its end at 75 meters ish) the extractor claw was chipped so that was changed for a new one. not shot it since that, was a while ago and its been in the safe since.


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    ok thanks can I be ask what size rings it has ?

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    would you take 200 collect tomorrow ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    would you take 200 collect tomorrow ?
    Would take 225.00 For it.


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