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Thread: Donor / project rifle

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    Donor / project rifle

    I had my Tikka T3 on here a while ago for sale and for some reason after giving it a good clean in and out it started playing up, I couldn't get better than 1 1/2" to 2" group from a rifle that was sub 1/2". I've had it re threaded & crowned to see if it made a difference which has got me down to 3/4" and the occasional flyer but still not happy so I'm offering it up for sale again as a donor / project rifle.
    It is a Tikka T3 lite blued in 22-250 & comes complete with opti lok 30mm bases & rings & a .25 cal ASE UTRA jet Z compact moderator, with the last couple of sessions on the target its done about 350 rounds or there about and all in pretty clean condition. 400 + RFD's

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    if the buyer does not need the mod may I ask what thread please, need one for my 22br


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    Il take this please if it has not already sold. Will PM you.

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