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Thread: when do heads becone to heavy

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    when do heads becone to heavy

    Hi all. Following on from recent treads about which bullets to use in a 308 it has got me thinking. What would be the optimum bullet weight for the 308. I'm after fallow predominately.
    I was thinking of going heavy for calibre but is there a point where going to heavy has a detremental affect on the performance.

    I'm not into superfast balistic tipped shoots like a laser types but more get the deer humanely shot with little meat damage and fuss.
    I was looking at 150 gn round or flat nosed. 165 gn soft points or 170 gn flat nosed.

    On paper there is very little between them with muzzle energy but I wondered what the gathered collective have found in the real world

    Cheers Pete

    Sorry become not becone
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    The impact speed, game and bullet construction should match. If you stay under 300yd and Fallow my choice would be around 165gr mark for a 308. I shot 150gr grain for a couple years and changed to 1165-168 since a couple years and think they are slightly better. Not much difference.
    308 is easy just about any soft point ballistic tip 150-165 works well. If the bullet construction is on the harder side and one needs to anchor the deer a shoulder shot will do. I prefer a softer construction and shoot behind the front leg preferably just under the spine which drops them on the spot....if all goes well.


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    If you are looking for max energy
    just compare the stats at the ranges you shoot at and below
    as muzzle velocity starts to drop with the heavier Bullets your going to see a point where it makes no sense

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    Ok thank you. Max range 150 yards. Every beast taken so far is below 100

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