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Thread: will the stock from a cz 452 fit a Bruno model 2 ?

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    will the stock from a cz 452 fit a Bruno model 2 ?

    as above got a Bruno deluxe but the stock is past it now

    thanks Henry

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    Good question!!!
    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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    i think the trigger group is different

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    ? But I made a 455 thumb hole fit a 452 with just a little work

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    I just want to chuck a cz American stock on one

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    The basic action is pretty much the same, but you may have to take a bit out for trigger group. Whilst you were about it I would put in the Timney Trigger - its beautiful - and do a proper glass bedding job. The American stock is nice, but add an ebony or horn forend tip, a bit of reshaping the back of the pistol grip and add on a silvers recoil pad and do a decent oil finish then you would have a really nice rifle.

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    I fitted a boyds stock for a cz 452 to a 1976 Brno model 2 if that helps. Straight swap.

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