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Thread: ***Bullet puller***

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    ***Bullet puller***

    I have some 22cal loaded ammunition that I need to break down into its constituent parts so I need a bullet to do so. If anyone has one lying around I could purchase I would be very pleased to take it off your hands.

    Many Thanks.

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    the Hornady cam lock is the best one I have found no damage and all bullets and powder can be used again. collet inserts are 14:00 +42 for die the kinetic hammer type just fling all the powder around and can damage sp bullets contact spud reloading he may have a used one ? or a good price on new

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    yes i think spud is cheaper give him a call
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    speed of a flying bullet
    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    yes i think spud is cheaper give him a call

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