View Poll Results: what do you were when out stalking

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  • DPM

    2 8.70%
  • real-tree type clothing

    13 56.52%
  • olive green

    4 17.39%
  • other

    4 17.39%
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Thread: what do you were when stalking

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    what do you were when stalking

    just doing a bit of research

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    Hi Russ,
    I tend to mix and match really. Some green, some camo and DPM. Most of all I wear what is comfortable. Today I wore my wellies, moleskin trousers and a Larksin green woolly jumper. I saw five Muntjac deer, only one saw me and that was only because It stuck its head out the hedgerow and walked into me!
    To be honest I have tried most gear from Sealand green, Highland tweed and Ghillie suits.

    Stay motionless and quiet and you will see more deer and save yourself some money.

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    dont forget your realtree thong for those balmy evenings .give you a call in the week mr b.

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    realtree etc

    i wear some dpm sometimes or some olive green, but beowulf is right. sit still and quiet.

    realtree is designed to catch shooters by the wallet.


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    Just a beaming smile usually!

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    ill be wereing a big smile when i shoot my first deer

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    i wear green usualy my face in envy when i watch the stalkers i take out shoot a deer when it should of been me
    no its a great feeling to shoot you first deer and just as satisfying for a stalker to watch you shoot your first one
    deer are colour blind so anything out of the ordinary will stand out anything thing that blends in with the back ground will work even blues jeans and a red t shirt if that is what they are used to seeing
    good luck on your quest for your first beast

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    even tho i dnt hav a rifle for deer i go out on my permishon and stalk the roe and muntys just to see how close i can get and get the acheavment of thinking i could have taken you

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    hey russ where abouts are you ?
    and do you take a camera with you as you could post some pics of live ones till you get to grass one

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