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Thread: Why did you choose that?

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    Why did you choose that?

    FFP scope and SFP.
    I was wondering why you chose the scope that you have regarding the focal plane.

    I keep warming to the idea of the FFP scope.
    Is it the case of once you have tried the FFP you won't go back? Bit like driving an automatic car. No way will I have a manual gearbox again. Will I say the same about the FFP?

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    I will always have second , as I find changing the mag in first focal the lines on the ret get larger and its a little overpowering for my eyes, also in second focal the cross hair seems finer for distance work,

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    I never liked ffp scopes. I found the reticles too thick at high mag, then i got one with a finer reticle which was fine at high mag but useless at lower mag as I couldn't see the reticle in low light.

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    I have both and each have their own merits. N.b. all of the below refers to variable mag scopes.

    If you are looking for a standard reticule i.e. duplex, 4A etc then there is no point having FFP. My SFP scopes have duplex reticules. it provides a good clear and uncluttered image at all magnification. I see no point in having a graduated reticule in SFP. The best example of this, which many people seem to like, is a SFP scope with a mildot reticule and turrets with MOA. Completely nonsensical.

    FFP, in my opinion, are only worth getting if you want to use the graduated reticule and the scope adjustments are in the same units i.e. mil/mil or moa/moa. In which case FFP is the only option. I use one on my .22-250 and I rarely dial as the holdover is always there regardless of how much or little magnification there is.

    It is all down to personal preference so try it out and see how you get on.

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    2nd focal plane on a fixed power scope and 1st on variable power. Biathlonjimmy has hit dead centre! How many times has the wind changed since you dialed it out? with fpp it's simpler to holdover, ditto when the first rabbit is at 60 metres and the second at 100. Plus if you know the size of your quarry ie the average Muntjac buck is 48cm or 4.8mil at 100metres, then you have a good range estimation, and with a fine mil reticle and an illuminated centre dot you can't go wrong.

    Mil/moa is an oxymoron unless you are a fantastic mental mathematician. and what is the point of a graduated reticle in sfp which is only valid at one magnification, which always seems to be in the middle of the range and invariably not the one you are using!

    To paraphase previous suggestions 'suck it and see which is the sweeter ' for you.

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    I am really curious to see the FFP in action. But it's a pain in the arse as everyone I know on have sfp. I can see Plus points on both.
    Like you say sucking it and seeing is really my only option. You can read as much as you want be proof is in the pudding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davee View Post
    what is the point of a graduated reticle in sfp which is only valid at one magnification, which always seems to be in the middle of the range and invariably not the one you are using!
    it depends if you are using aholdover on the reticule or on the target
    i.e. you want to hold over 8" over the target but the graduated reticule allows you to use a fixed spot on the target rather than a theoretical spot in the air above the target

    the same with mildots on an MOA scope.
    just use them as aiming points not measuring ones

    2 minutes of bunny ear = dot that corresponds with the cross hair being two bunny ear lengths above head
    etc etc

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