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Thread: GRS Berserk Remington 700 SA DM

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    GRS Berserk Remington 700 SA DM

    Got a grs berserk which I have amended so that it will accept a magazine. Looking to swap for a lighter weight to suggestions. If stock is not DM but comes with the top loading metal work etc then please let me know. SA 243.

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    I have a macmillan thumbhole that I may consider a trade on I will try to find a picture of it I am out of the country at the minute.

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    If you pm me your email address I will do the same. Am also out of the country currently but back tomorrow night.

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    I've got a HS precision stock DM from a PSS wich is brand new and a used HS precision stock from a VSSF with floor plate if either of them are any good to you

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    How did you find the feed of the mag when fitted into the grs , when I tried to fit my 700dm it wouldnt fit ,pillar bedding height was wrong resulting in poor feeding,, so I bought a lvsf for the grs stock instead, I have the stock off that,,, if any good,, h-s pression
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    I find mag feed mixed, i believe that with a varmint barrel it is better than a sporter barrel i have. Can you whizz me a pm with your email address for photos?

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    My remington is sporter profile. If easier could sell this and buy one.....anybody interested let me know and anybody selling something suitable let me know.
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    Photo as requested by pmAttachment 74672

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