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Thread: Rem 700 XCR 7mm Rem Mag

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    Rem 700 XCR 7mm Rem Mag

    Dear all

    Last gun of my surplus stock for sale.

    Rem 700 XCR in 7mm Rem Mag

    This rifle I have owned from new and has fired 350 rounds to date. As with all my rifles it has been extremely well look after and cleaned meticulously after every 10 to 15 rounds max.

    This rifle is extremely accurate and is screw cut 1/2 UNF, the trigger has been professionally re-worked and breaks at 2lbs. Barrel has been re-crowned. You can see from the target pictures how this rifle performs.

    Again check out the new price of these but when I last checked on The Sportsman site is was in the region of 1300 plus. This rifle has the Nitride finish on the stainless metal work (factory finish) and it will not rust guaranteed. Barrel is 24".

    I am asking 700 and this includes Leupold 20 MOA base and 30mm rings to accommodate a 50mm objective. Also comes with 20 rounds of ammo which is the load I have developed and is consistent in this rifle.

    500 yard 1.5" group. The 3 shots in middle of target.

    Typical sub half inch 100 yard group.

    Mounts which are included in the sale. The gunky looking stuff in the picture is bolt grease by the way.


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    Ah, if only Strathclyde weren't so bloody awkward. That's a bargain

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    Great calibre, how did you find it?


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    Cheers Fellas

    Well I thin it is a great cartridge but I would say that wouldn't I

    I have had one in my collection for not sure how long (10 years or so) and will never be with out one.

    I always say that the Rem Mag is not a magnum cartridge and one advantage is it versatility and when all is said and done you can always down load it somewhat if that is what you want to do.



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    Bump and still for sale

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    Now sold pending the usual

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