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Thread: Arc/quad driving licence

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    Arc/quad driving licence

    Dear all,

    can you advise, what kind of certificate do we need, to go in woodlands, ie forestry commission woodland lease


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    Your landowner (FC) will be best placed to advise but as a general guide you will most likely be expected to undertaken and passed a course to show that you can competently drive a quad.

    Something that gives you a LANTRA certificate would be best such as the course in this link (Although I am not endorsing this particular training provider).

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    The commission also recognise NPTC also.

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    As above check with them firstly before committing to something. There own staff undergo nptc training.

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    I'd definately double check if lantra is good enough, many companies don't recognise lantra tickets. Know a few folk caught out with saw tickets

    I also think lantra tickets expire after 5 yrs, Nptc ones don't.
    Personally i wouldn't do a lantra course

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