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Thread: Bleaching time

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    Bleaching time


    When having covered a roe skull in cotton wool, how long do you guys leave it to soak with 6% H202? I've heard from 20 mins to 24 hrs!

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    I do mine for about 24hrs and they certainly dont take any harm. Look much better than ordinary bleach too

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    I leave mine overnight, i wrap a plastic bag around the soaked cotton wool - keeps everything moist and hey presto a nice bleached skull to wake up to and add to the collection.....

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    You guys using 6%? one Boots refused to sell my 6% H202 because it was not for gargling or skin infection!! ha ha ha

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    I use 6% and its fine but they wont sell me more than 2 bottles at once in case i mean self harm

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    have you told them if that was the case, you have significantly more effective tools at home!

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    hi guys were can you buy h202 from please ?.

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    Boots pharmacy section sells the 6%, but stronger I dunno. Tell them it's for a skin infection, otherwise they'll refuse to sell it to you!! not even joking!!

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    go to a hairdresser supliers and you will get up to 12%.
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    if you get the creme peroxide you can paint it on, 12% leave for about 1 to 1.5 hours.
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    you get a nice finish.
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