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    Hi all,

    Im starting a gamekeeping apprenticeship in October at newton rigg college and Im looking for a placement for 18 to 24months. I am not looking for a job just to volunteer for free for 30 hours per week.

    I am 32 years old and have been around shooting my whole life. I have a shot gun certificate and FAC with .17hmr, .22250 and .243 rifles. I have my own 4x4 that I am willing to use and i am used to working hard out doors all year round. I also have a lot of pest control and beating experience. If I can find a placement the shoot/head keeper is entitled to a 1500 grant for the college.

    Around the Derbyshire/south yorkshire/nottinghamshire/lincolnshire areas

    Many thanks


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    Good luck with your search.

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    Good luck,hope someone gives you a start.

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    Thanks very much gents. I've worked offshore for nearly 15 years and I'm looking giving it all to follow my passion into keeping. If anyone knows of a keeper that would appreciate some free labour in exchange for knowledge please let me know.
    many thanks. SPC

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