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    can anyone reccomend some good proven shooting sticks i want to get some practise in for my DSC1

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    X3M1 are pretty good.

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    We use the quad pod sticks mate and instead of using round ramming timber we have just launched them in a square hardwood we will have some on show at scone , regards mark.

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    A good Hazel shank with a Tups horn works for me.
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    Homebase growsticks !!! 1.29 each

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    These come in all lenths, so you can make 7 ft sticks, 3 ft sticks (sitting/kneeling), and even tripod sticks in shorter lengths for prone or sitting. All you have to do is make the holes and fit the screws/nuts yourself :-) cannot recommend higher..and cheaper

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    If you want to really make sure with DSC1, the quadpods are the most stable. On my DSC couse, some guys who had never shot rifle before used these and passed. But plenty of practise with bipod sticks is still easily doable.

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    I recal when I did mine with the BDS they provided tripods and those of us that had brought our own were somewhat ridiculed for not being confident enough to use unfamiliar sticks.....then again that sort of sumd up my whole DSC experience.

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    Don't bother with Bushsticks from Bushwear, poor.

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    At the Highclere show I saw some long walking wooden sticks with a cradle at the top which I supposed was to place a rifle in. So, I guess a single shooting stick. Are these any good? Are they stable enough?

    One stick would look easier to carry than two or three.

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    I heard of a chap that turned up for his lev one and they sent him away with them quad sticks .

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