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Thread: Family heirloom back in the family

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    Family heirloom back in the family

    Well with my son turning 7 in the next few weeks, it got me thinking it's about time for him to have a little go himself. (If he wants to)
    He's been pigeon shooting and stalking with me a few times now and seems to really enjoy it.
    A few times when he's been to the gun shop with me we have picked up a few different 410s for him to look at but nothing that's really been suitable.

    When I was he's age I started out with an old Webly & Scott bolt action 410 that was my dads when he was about 6.
    A few weeks ago I was on the phone to my dad just talking in general when I mentioned about the boy over the gun shop with me looking at a few different 410s, when he said about the old Webley & Scott that he had and then I had, I had forgotten all about it but my dad said he gave it to one of his mates about 15 years ago so that his mates daughter could use it.
    Anyway after a quick phone call I popped around to pick the old girl up on Wednesday night.

    I had a day off yesterday so decided to have a look if there were any pigeons still about I've not been about for a couple of weeks due to being away on a family holiday.
    When I went to the cabinet yesterday morning to get my gun out I thought well it won't hurt to take the old girl as well will it!!! Lol

    I had 12 pigeons out of 19 shots with it the boy might have to get in line if he wants it!!!! Lol

    I showed it to him last night and explained about how it was grandads when he was a boy and then mine and now it's yours, the little **** replies back saying "dad this gun is really old ain't it"
    He can't wait to have a go so I may take him out for a couple of hours over the weekend to see if he can bag himself he's first pigeon...

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    Great tale

    Lot of memories with that old gun, I'll bet
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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