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Thread: roe in autumn coats

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    roe in autumn coats

    I was out on the morning of September 8th and spent 20 mins watching a doe and buck slowly work up a hedge adjacent to a field of standing wheat. Glorious light and the doe was in 50;50 summer: winter coat. Eventually I spotted the very dark buck who was in full winter coat, he was 50 so yards behind her and was all but invisible against the thick hedge. Unfortuanetly he didn't present for a suitable shot and as he looks like he is a possible one sided murder buck he is now on the cull list.

    Last night on route how down a not so rural lane there was a buck and doe in a stubble field very close to the lane, both were in winter coats.

    In late August when out foxing I watched a very dark old buck which I had never seen before as he patrolled his patch.

    Is it normal for roe to moult so early in the year as I cannot recall when I normally see roe in winter pellage?

    Any other observations form members?


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    Some of my red deer are pretty much in winter coat, at least the ones in best body condition. We had a crappy winter 2015/2016 and some have poor looking coats as a result though. I am sure there is good correlation between general good health and getting winter coats early.

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    Out this morning in Herefordshire and saw four in winter pellage. I've also noticed that there are large number of holly berries about and lots of other hedge fruits - sloes, hips etc. Looks like we're in for a scorching winter?

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    Shot a fox last night in Fife - it was a mature vixen with a lovely thick winter coat.

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    Over the last few weeks every roe I have seen has been in full winter coat, young/old buck/doe, so suprise last night when I stalked into a pair of roe a beautiful yearling doe in full winter coat accompanied by a very much bigger old doe who was still in her russet summer coat, watched thenm both for 15 mins at 75 yds. On v high mag through the scope there was signs of her winter coat. Is this normal?


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