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Thread: Anschutz 1515-1516 .22 WMR Accuracy?

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    Anschutz 1515-1516 .22 WMR Accuracy?

    Having just purchased a Anschutz 1515-1516 .22 WMR. I am struggling to get acceptable groups. When I bought this rifle it had open sights. I had the barrel cut down to 18 in and target crowned, I then fitted a good quailty scope (Very carefully) and set the action screws to 25in/lbs. With various brands of bullet,the best I can get are groups over 2 MOA at fifty metres. When I look at a target it looks more like I have used a four-ten!!. The barrel is not free floating, should I do this?
    I know that the .22wmr is not a target rifle but is MOA achieveable? r am I wasting my time? With my Finnfire P94s I can easily shoot sub MOA. Any advise would be very helpful.

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    The Annie's in .22wmr are more than capable of sub MOA accuracy and are a great sturdy Wee gun. Go back to basics and check each step bases, rings tight etc if it's got a mod on check that's not fouling the shot it's probably something small causing big trouble.

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    Did you shoot it before it was chopped? How was it then?
    What ammo have you experience with wmr is that they prefer the lighter bullet (30/33grn)
    Also are you shooting from clean barrel? If so let it foul up a bit and see what happens

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    Could this be similar to a Anschutz owner i met on a range he had been sold a WMR and was trying to get groups with 22lr ammo
    he had taken the gun back to the dealer who sold it to him and also had it threaded and crowned by a top gunmaker and nobody picked up that he had been sold WMR instead of a 22LR
    A quick check of the barrel identified the problem

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    Doh, No I bought it as a WMR, it is a Wmr, The ammo I have tried are Wmr.

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    I bought a 1964-made Anschutz 22WMR bolt gun about 10 years ago. I tried every kind of 22WMR and got groups ranging from poor to mediocre until I tried Remington Premier 33 grain VM. It shot them into an inch and better at 100 yards. I bought a couple of bricks of the ammo and set it aside for my daughter. I haven't shot it since.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by courser View Post
    2 MOA at fifty metres.
    Wish the 1515 war I bought was that accurate, more like 10 inches at 50 yards.


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    My 1972 manufactured 1522 DST will clover leaf at 50 yards and is very capable out to 120 yards and then some. But only with RWS 40Grn semi jacketed hollow points, it just will not group with American ammo, all barring some Winchester 40 Grn I had years ago, but that was Australian made.
    I don't know if this is just German rifle likes German ammo or what's going on, and I don't really care, I just keep buying RWS !


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    Ditto to the advice to try different ammunition. I think this is true of most .22 WMR rifles. My old Mossberg will not shoot some ammo but others, it will ring a dime at 100 yards. The polymer tip Remington is really good in mine for long range. I use the FMJ flat nose CCI for varmints.

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    Are you shooting with or without a mod ?, if with, remove it and try without, in the last month, we have had three guns in with problems all caused by bores not being centralised within the barrel, ( bushmaster, armalite , norinco ) the push by mod makers to make mods quieter by making the the tolerances tighter is not helping, 0.06 to 0.08 can make a big difference to turbulence on the bullet.( according to our gunsmith)

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