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Thread: removing Aimpoint sight?

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    removing Aimpoint sight?


    I am not sure this has been discussed before or not (i couldnt find it if it has).

    I use an Aimpoint on my rifle which is for the most part dedicated to driven Boar. This week I sighted it in so its where I need it, however, not having QR rings on my sight I am hesitant to remove the Aimpoint for cleaning because I am unsure of how badly it will change My POI next time I use the Aimpoint again.

    But, because I have a BRNO ZKK600 and these rifles have built in scope mounting grooves and also that little tooth the ring bases fit snuggly into there might be a chance that I wont have a problem, but again I am unsure.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

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    What model aimpoint?
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    9000L, CZ 30mm rings.

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    Dovetail mounts, especially where you have a stop against which the mounts go tend to be pretty repeatable. Indeed the whole point of the weaver / picatinny system is that optics can be removed and replaced with a return to zero. But until you know that it returns to zero I would always fire a test shot before using it on game. Next time you are on the range fire a shot, remove the red dot and then replace it. Fire another shot and so on. I have a scope in a claw mount and I have tested it and every confidence that it returns to zero if I remove and replace the scope. Saying that I tend to leave scopes in place.

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    yep, good idea, should have done that the other day at the range cut didnt think of it... also didnt have an allen key on hand at the time either...

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    Generally I've found them to be very close as long as you get the distance right on the grooves. All my rifles have quick detachable mounts and all are takedown too.
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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