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Thread: Reloading .270

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    Reloading .270

    can anyone tell me what they using in the .270?
    i got 150 grn spritzer bt, and h1000 powder. I have N160 as well .

    i have reloaded for 140grn spitzer bt but left all my loading info at home and was going to do some reloading at work.

    any help be great.


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    I use 54 grains of H4831 with CCU primer and Speer 130 grain SP. Lovely soft round that performs great at sensible stalking ranges
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    I have just started reloading 150gr RN bullets in 270. I tested 2 factory loads, Norma and Federal in 150gr loads. The Federal ran at 2785fps and Norma at 2740 average. I loaded 3 different powders with 150gr RN bullets. 56.5gr Rl22 averaged 2750fps, 55gr Vit N560 averaged 2660fps, 56gr of a now unavailable powder H450 averaged 2810fps.
    Factory 130gr bullet loads averaged 2970fps , but I load 130gr Nosler part. bullets with 58gr of H4831 giving me 2790fps average. All my loads where accurate,I do have some Vit N160 but according to my manual N560 should be faster so never tried it I hope that's some help.
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    I'm using N160 in my .270. 57.0grns with a 130grn sierra gameking and cci primer. Lovely ragged one hole group and a good performer.

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