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Thread: Electric mincer @ LIDL

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    Electric mincer @ LIDL

    If only I hadn't just bought a hand mincer...

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    Struggling to find it Mat

    edit Ok that wierd link works now, cheers for heads up I may grab one tomorrow

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    Not available until Thursday...

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    dont waste your time lads i have one its SXXXTE
    it broke after two weeks
    pure utter garbage lads
    i got the Anthony Worrall Thompson one from argos and that broke too, they have replaced it and thats what i currently use.

    mince machines are like optics YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR .....

    atb frank

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    ive just bought a mincer tonight!!

    the mincer in the link will be fussy on what it takes, 250w is maybe slightly underpowered.

    the one I bought has 550w motor but I have a sneeky feeling its not going to be upto much.

    if its no use then it'l be eBayed.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    CBS:- got ATW mincer with sausage maker, good bit of kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by callie View Post
    CBS:- got ATW mincer with sausage maker, good bit of kit
    i have to add a thinner attachment on the end as his one is for jumbo..

    not a bad machine for the money

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    I got the lidl mincer and it was a pile of crap. i will spend a bit of dosh next time and get a proper job semi pro thinggy for a couple of hundred quid.

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    I bought one from Argos about 3 years ago, cant remember what make, but its still going strong. Think it cost about 60 at the time, and it has a sausage making attachment, although that parts a bit naff I have to say.

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    I have a spare size 32 body/motor-size 22 mincer head professional conversion Hobart table top mincer in very good condition that I want to get rid of as its spare & not in use.

    Its all working fine & the top tray will hold 15kg of meat & mince it at a rate of knotts, blades, plate & parts/attachments are all included, its normal single phase.

    Its not some new bit of cheepo crap from China, its a propper older beast that will go on for years, we just had to upgrade to a stainless one.

    It must be 70kg, its a heavy bit of kit.

    Regs Lee

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