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Thread: Think the Mrs. is going to kill me!!!

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    Think the Mrs. is going to kill me!!!

    Having thought long and hard about all of my rifles and explored some of the newer calibres out there, my Blaser R93 with 243, 25-06, 308 barrels took a trip to my local gun shop today never to return. I did not intend to, but I could not put it down once I picked it up, so I am now the owner of the blaser R8 success package in 243 and 270, I hope this combo will cover every hunting trip and last for a very long time. Happy hunting.

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    Don't tell her. Problem solved
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    To the wife, all guns look the same

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    I was wondering how to broach the subject of having just bought a R8 pro success in 6.5 x 55 to my wife when she found the receipt

    We had a long talk about honesty and trust - at least she did, I just sat there humbly

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    A long-time colleague used the 'red bike theory'. He was a mad keen collector of classic bikes, which his wife was aware of. She drew the line at the home garage plus a lock-up full - it turned out he could get about 12 or so bikes into that space, which was about the point where they all seemed to blur into one as far as his wife was concerned. Adding to the confusion was that they were all red. So a bike would be on the work bench for fettling, move on and be replaced by the next one. A constant stream of red bikes, all needing a bit of work to keep running. After all, 12 bikes take some upkeep. All was sweet for many years, until a rental receipt for the other three lockups was discovered...
    Because he only bought red bikes, all 62 of them (at last count) had been gently circulating through the house without his wife noticing the different marques, models, engine sizes etc.
    I understand he now has certain curfew restrictions on attending auctions, late night online ebay sessions and 'meeting a mate' whilst happening to take the van.

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    Good job done Jon getting shut of the 25.06 cal only fairy`s use that calibre. Anyway happy new R8 and good luck with the flexi fore end

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    Done the same just bought R8 Professional Success Thumbhole in 6.5x55se, maybe later 300win mag barrel and that will cover everything.........need to sell a few rifles though to pay for it. Wife thinks all rifles are the same, never noticed change in the gun cabinet....thank god . Its going to cost me 2 weeks in the sun somewhere when she finds out .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
    Good job done Jon getting shut of the 25.06 cal only fairy`s use that calibre. Anyway happy new R8 and good luck with the flexi fore end
    25-06 isn't a calibre, it's a round or chambering Plus I don't think he's worried about having a fairies round, he has the .243 after all
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    don't tell her you got a blaser she may think you bat for the other team...

    we all know that blaser owners go to the blue oyster bar just to keep their finger in

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    Simple upgrade - 3 old ones for 2 new ones...

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