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Thread: Tier one 30mm weaver mounts

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    Tier one 30mm weaver mounts

    To suite a 56mm obj on a heavy barrel rifle. Must be imaculate
    Please pm me cheers

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    Have you tried optics warehouse?

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    Was seeing if any one had any kicking about before i go direct. Cheers

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    No worries. I wouldn't part with mine they are great!!

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    This is why i want some i did jist sell my leoupolds qrw and id highly rate them but seen alot of good feedback on these so worth a try

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    What are Tier one ?
    I have a set of Warne 30mm Maxima mounts medium height, Matt black, bought but never used.
    I am sure they would give clearance for a 56mm objective scope.

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    Hi. Tier one is a uk brand and make quality.

    I have now bought some. Cheers

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