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Thread: Swarovski 6-24x50 Habicht Scope

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    Swarovski 6-24x50 Habicht Scope

    Selling my Swarovski 6-24 x 50 Habicht Scope, 30mm main tube, front parallax adjustable, 4a reticule and complete with sunshade. Some minor rub marks to the finish but its been well looked after and to my eyes very good condition. Looking for 595 posted rmsd.

    Many thanks

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    Hi there. Is the glass marked in any way?

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    Where are you based in Moray, are the lenses scratch free. I would be interested give me a call 07525278897

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    Glass looks fine to me but if you're local to me, then more than welcome to view.

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    If it has the box and is still available, I'll take it, please.

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    No box I'm afraid.

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    On hold pending a viewing tomorrow, apologies to those have made firm offers in the interim but I had committed to a viewing after I added my last post.

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    Scope now sold, thanks to everyone for their interest.

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