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Thread: Chris packham BBC debacle

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    Chris packham BBC debacle

    Ok probably another thread bout this but depressed enough about this serious danger to British wildlife, enough without searching forums for more threads.

    No action over Chris Packham, BBC Trust rules

    Hardly a surprise but I was wee bit hopeful that the BBC would rein him in a bit but no

    They ( BBC) have shown time & time again whose side they are on and I'm not keen on giving them a penny more .

    So ......
    My question there anyway / loophole around NOT paying bloody TV licence to this bunch of cretins?, without getting into bother .

    Surely they are a monopoly ?

    I dunnoe all I do know is I'm mot,wanting to give them another of my cash knowing how despite their retoric being spewed about being non biased , that they are truly anti hunting & fieldsports


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    Just don't pay it, but also don't watch any live tv.
    I don't find not watching live tv a problem, mainly because everything is a repeat anyway.


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    I thought it was not as simple as that?, I always was led to believe the licence fee was to allow you to own & operate a "Receiver"
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    Thought that too
    If you have a TV or computer you need a licence I thought


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    You will find that he has a contract for thousands that they would have to pay off. Find where he is filming and start packman sans inc.

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    noel edmonds doesn,t have and never had a tv license because he says he doesn,t watch terestrial telly,and hes been employed for centuries by them,and even said he wanted to buy part of it,,,,no bloody wonder ,,nepotism at its greatest,

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    just don't pay it. After all it took them 40 years to discover a paedophile ring under their noses so I don't think someone living in the deepest darkest has any problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    Thought that too
    If you have a TV or computer you need a licence I thought

    If your tv works then you need a license whether you watch it or not.
    There are no ways around it.
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    You dont need a .licence if you dont watch live terrestrial teli. Millions cant be wrong. I have formally complained about Packham twice and just received leftist waffle.
    The BBC is no longer worth of its illustrious name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil View Post
    If your tv works then you need a license whether you watch it or not.
    There are no ways around it.
    If it doesn't have an aerial connected to receive broadcast and is only used for watching DVD/BluRay/VHS or as a screen for your computer then you do not need a TV License. Owning a television does not mean you must pay the TV license. You are not obliged to let a TV license person into your home either, you can politely or impolitely tell them to bugger off, they do not have authority to enter your home. You can write to the BBC and tell them that you withdraw access to your property to their personnel or personnel acting on their behalf, unless the person is a police officer.

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