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Thread: Zeiss v8 2.8-20x56

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    Zeiss v8 2.8-20x56

    Zeiss v8 2.8-20x56 with asv plus windage and elevation. Used for one safari that's it so mint. Just selling as I sold my blaser r8 and its just sitting in its box. Comes with box and all the different rings for different calibres. 1,900. Please pm me for photos best regards Luke padberg.

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    have a bump mty Same info as yours
    tried to sell my V8 +asv wind rail mount ZM i went down to 1700 + mounts and rain flap so 1800 if they wished all of it , but only got tyre kickers

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    As the person that bought the R8 off Luke, the scope will be spotless I'm sure, no complaints about the rifle, you can tell when kit is well looked after.
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    Cheers mate how's that 375 h&h

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    Scope is rings not rail mount. Luke

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