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Thread: Thetford stalking

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    Thetford stalking

    Hi All,

    A couple of stalking friends and I usually travel to Scotland towards the end of the year to have a week on the hill, eat man friendly food, drink and tell tall tails. This year we thought that we would stay closer to home. After a long chat we have decided that we would like to see if we could spend a couple of days in or around Thetford.

    Do you know anywhere or anyone we could talk to to start the ball rolling along?

    Many thanks


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    Speak to Chris rogers deer manager on the Euston estate, Pm me if you need more info or contact details.

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    Hi Buck,Basc have stalking for members in that area.If ur a member contact them.Happy hunting ! Mark.

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    chris Rodgers as already said .

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    Thanks guys, details forwarded to all my interested parties.

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