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Thread: Pheasant syndicate place

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    Pheasant syndicate place

    Evening all.

    I am looking for a syndicate place mid week for a pheasant shoot. Must be north west or southwest Scotland/Scottish borders

    The shoot I was joining has gone belly up leaving me with no shooting for the winter....her indoors thinks I now have time for painting and redecorating

    I need your help!!!!!!

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    There was the midlothian shoot based at mount lothian near penicuik they shot a wednesday. There was also an ad somwhere for a syndicate at corsbie farm near earlston. Hope this may help. Failing that try shooting scotland on facebook if your on it

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    IF your om Facebook look up Ali McManus or John McLelland. John keepers the shoot at Penicuik Estate and I think is also involved in the Mount Lothian shoot

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    Thats her. Her name escaped me.

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    thanks guys. i will message them!!!!!

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